A Quick Guide to Buying Tarpaulins

 Usually made of waterproof and strong materials, tarpaulins are the perfect covers to provide protection against harsh weather conditions, dirt and debris. With multiple uses, tarpaulins can be used as:

  • A form of shelter against natural conditions like strong winds, rain, and/or sunlight

  • A ground sheet or tent when camping

  • A waterproof cover for sports fields like a cricket slip or objects and goods like vehicles

  • A material for advertisement prints like banners

  • Protection on scaffolding, pretty much as big and strong as you can imagine.

  • A great cover for a boat.

Common tarpaulin types by material

There are basically five materials that are commonly used to make tarpaulins: polyethylene, canvas, vinyl, silnylon and mesh.

Polyethylene tarpaulins or poly tarps is not really a fabric but a laminated, woven sheet material. This material is actually woven strips of polyethylene plastics bonded to the surface of polyethylene sheets as well. Choose poly tarps if you want a tarpaulin that:

  • Resists stretching

  • Is waterproof

  • Is treated against UV light

  • Is durable, even when exposed to harsh weather elements

Take note though that not all poly tarps are UV-treated making them brittle over time, especially when exposed to water and direct sunlight.

Polyester Reinforced PVC tarpaulins are made from a closely woven polyester fabric which is incredibly strong and then its immersed in pvc. 100% Waterproof, super strength, more resistant to shafing than poly tarps and supple to handle for many years. This is the same material that is used on a curtain side truck.

 Mesh tarps are manufactured by using nylon threading to allow the free flow of wind and water. Mesh tarpaulins are a good choice if all you need is a tarp to reduce wind flow.

Common tarpaulin types by purpose:

  • Fence tarpaulins are usually seen on construction sites

  • Flame retardant tarpaulins are treated tarpaulins to resist fire or at least slow it down

  • Insulated tarpaulins are manufactured as insulation against extreme temperatures

  • Pool tarpaulins are pool covers that are totally waterproof to keep leaves and other debris out of the pool

  • Sports tarpaulins are extra-large tarps used to cover playing fields to protection against harsh environmental elements

  • Trunk tarpaulins are heavy-duty and waterproof tarpaulins used as covers on flatbed trailers

  • UV protected tarpaulins are UV-treated to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays

Also, take note that tarpaulins differ in cut size and finish size, strength, thickness and colour. Contact us at All Plas and we will help you choose the right tarpaulin to suit your needs.

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