Using Tarpaulins for Advertisements and Promotions

tarpaulins for advertisements

Billboards and posters on public roads are eye catching. Aside from the quality of the promotional content, the material used on the billboard or poster is also important to make it effective. The reason why most companies and organisations use tarpaulins in disseminating information or for advertising purposes is because this type of material offers a lot of advantages. The points below outline some of the reasons why tarpaulins are massively relied upon by different businesses and organisations across the globe:

  • Tarpaulins can be easily cut. It doesn’t matter whether you want a classic rectangular billboard, poster or advertisement or if you want a circular one because tarpaulins can easily be cut, even without using cutting machines. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors.
  • Tarpaulins are very affordable. Although big companies can afford LED and TV advertisements, they still opt for tarpaulin billboards because they are a good deal cheaper. They are also as effective as the two former methods of promotion or advertisement. In fact, the price of an LED billboard or a TV advertisement is sometimes three times as much as the cost of tarpaulin posters or billboards.
  • Tarpaulins are durable and weather proof. Since tarpaulins are made of polyester reinforced PVC, they weather incredibly well. They are regularly reported as lasting over ten years.
  • Tarpaulins can cater to all sizes. LED billboards are very costly, especially the large ones. Same thing with TV advertisements: if you exceed the specific number of seconds, you will have to pay more. Tarpaulins can be posted for a longer period of time, in advertising spots, at a much cheaper rate. Although you will have to pay more for the advertising space, the overall cost will come in a lot cheaper as tarpaulins are very affordable.
  • Tarpaulins can be used for other purposes when the period of promotion is over. Tarpaulins can of course be re-used once the promotional period is over. The tarpaulin can be employed as a dust sheet when decorating or you could use it as ground cover for a picnic. There are numerous ways you can re-use them because tarpaulins are very functional and adaptable.

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One thought on “Using Tarpaulins for Advertisements and Promotions

  1. Yes, tarpaulin can be used for advertisements and promotions also. As a marketing manager for an advertisement company, I mostly used tarpaulin for advertising purposes. You can also use it for industrial raw materials covering purposes. Thanks, for sharing this wonderful and useful article.


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