Flame Retardant Tarpaulins.

Allplas now offer an extensive range of Flame Retardant Tarpaulins, again made from our exceptional 610gsm polyester coated pvc.

Durable long life material that even if you cut a slit in it, further tearing is almost impossible.

Extensive range of sizes and colours and of course we offer made to measure as well. Our service is exceptional as we usually deliver next day. (even on a special)

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Weed Control Fabric

allpas.co.uk are very well known for their excellent quality products. Their Weed Control Fabric is no exception. We have sold the same product since 2007 and have had reports of it being in great condition after periods of over 6 years.

Still at the same price as 11 years ago, this represents the best value for money of any product out there. 100 grams per square metre represents a heavy duty product that can be used even under the construction or driveways where traffic can be extreme.

Weed-Control-Fabric105gsm weedcontrol

Delivery on this product is next working day for most of the UK and £62.40 will buy you a 50mtr x 2mtr roll or a 100mtr x 1mtr roll. Inclusive of VAT and Delivery.

Lots of other sizes avalable up to 5mtrs wide. See website here or call 01462 682663

Sliding Track for Warehouse Curtains

allplas.co.uk have now introduced galvanised steel track and fittings, this is as a result of the many requests we have had for a sensible system to hang curtains from.

The day the system was delivered, a customer was told what we could supply and added track and fittings to his order. The result is excellent, the track is galvanised and can eithe be fixed by screwing straight through the pre drilled track into the ceiling above, or with the wall brackets available on the site. The sliders are all twin wheeled with ball bearings for smooth effortless movement and the result is really good.


Fast turn around

So this morning we received a call from a potential customer stating that he had a major roof prom after the onslaught of Storm Freya.

He asked if we could produce a sheet in 610 gsm polyester reinforced PVC 16 mtrs x 11 mtrs.

When for I asked, Today if possible he said.

That call was received at 10:30am and the customer picked the sheet up at 13:20.

But hey, that’s the type of firm we are. See our reviews at allplas.co.uk


Polyester Reinforced Clear PVC Sheeting

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Following a quite serious fire at Chester Zoo, a client contacted us at allplas.co.uk as they had a large exposed area where the roof was missing and the Crocodile enclosure was exposed to very low temperatures and the rain. The client fitted cables across to walls and we supplied 2 large clear reinforced PVC sheets and several rolls of large bubble greenhouse insulation. The first sheet went over the cables, then the bubble was rolled out over that with the second sheet creating a sandwich to keep the bubble in place. The temperature went from 2 degrees to 27.5 degrees withing a few hours. The great news was that the ideal temperature for the Crocs is 28 degrees.


A happy Croc at Chester Zoo.